the sailor

Édouard De Keyser

Originally from Brussels in Belgium, he has been dreaming of a long sea voyage ever since he took part in the Mini Transat in 1989.

He is the 34th entrant in the 2023/2024 Global Solo Challenge.

Now that his children have (almost) become independent, the Global Solo Challenge offers him this opportunity.

“The Belgian has sailed all the way from Martinique to the Marquesas Islands in the Pacific, accompanied by his family.

His evocation of Moitessier’s ‘La Longue Route’ suggests a vision that encompasses sport, adventure and spirituality.

His project will focus on preserving our oceans and promoting the best green technologies.

We are delighted to welcome Édouard as the 34th participant in the Global Solo Challenge.

A milestone we only dreamed of achieving when we launched the event, exceeding all expectations and forecasts.

Making it to the start line of the Global Solo Challenge is an achievement in itself for our participants.

The dedication and commitment required to complete a project of this magnitude is enormous and many factors have to align to make it possible, such as family, finances, health and work.

Only time will reveal the final make-up of this incredible adventure challenge.”

You can also find out more about Edouard De Keyser’s journey and the documentary currently being made, “L’Odyssée d’Edouard” by Harold Dulait, by visiting the Alétchao website.

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