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The Global Solo Challenge

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  • The rules are more affordable in terms of budget constraints, compared to the Vendée Globe race or the GoldenRace for example.
  • Competitors can choose a boat between 32 feet (9.75 m) and 55 feet (16.76 m).
  • Boat equipped in accordance with the regulations and prepared according to safety constraints.
  • On this journey of +- 27,000 nautical miles (+-50,000 Km).
  • For the fastest boats: 100 days, for the slowest: over 200 days.
  • The spirit of the race organised by Marco Nannini.
  • “It’s unlikely that pure competition will be the only motivating factor in deciding to take part in this event.”
  • The Global Solo Challenge creates a bridge between events with budgets that are unattainable for non-professionals and the very human, but also very common, dream of completing a solo circumnavigation.
  • Each boat is measured (IRC) and a coefficient is applied according to its estimated speed.
  • The boats are grouped into 6 classes according to their coefficient and each class is allocated a start date -> the first boat to arrive wins.

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